The Early Blog Changes Direction

I logged into my Blog last night to find that I couldn’t add anymore until I paid some money.  Maybe I was naive but I am not in the habit of paying to be published.  I wasn’t sure whether to continue but decided this morning that if I could do my Blog by email, I would have more control who read it.  Not the idea if you want to be noticed but when it comes to my precious words, I am more timid than you’d all believe.  Each epistle is a new child to me and I am very protective.  Of course, there’s nothing to say that the Blog and Pencilpatch Times won’t find themselves in a book one day, a sort of ‘Life on Wheels’ little book.  Who knows?

It wasn’t the most exciting of weeks, although it started with a great comment from my Taxi Driver who on Monday morning said ‘I know when I’m wrong’ – a man who says that can’t go wrong in my book!  He really is great, I have trained him well, he listens to Radio 2 now and drives along periodically looking in the mirror saying ‘Alright Manda?’ rather enthusiastically.

On Monday I turned into Grumpy and I think most of my colleagues wondered who I really was.  My friend was here on Sunday and laughed hysterically when I said I had a temper – she should have seen me Monday, talk about watch and learn!!!

Tuesday and Wednesday were welcomed days off.  On Wednesday we went to Cambridge to see Victoria Wood’s acclaimed ‘Acorns Antiques’, which was brilliant.  I think Victoria Wood is amazingly talented and it was great to see some of her work on stage.  I love the depth and vibrancy of her characters, not only is she a great writer, she’s the University of People Watching.

The rest of the week slipped away in some sort of virus so I didn’t make it back into work on Thursday as planned which I berated myself for.  Those of you particularly close to me will know what a monster I become when I am ill.  If only I concentrated on becoming well rather than obsessing about what I haven’t done or what people may or may not think because I missed two days from work, life would be so much easier.


Here’s to an easier week!


Originally Published 4 February 2007

Remastered for Wheels & Wit @2018